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Nemzetközi, Magyaros
WIFI, Biliárd, Melegétel, Terasz, Parkoló, Kártyás fizetés

Europe's 1st High-end Design Lounge Bowling & Restaurant

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  • Pearl Harbor Bar & Bowling

    We went there with the kids to spend the new years eve. At 23:30 kids were very hungry, we asked and they said there was no food. So we thought to order some food while continuing playing bowling. Pizza arrived at 00:10 and we were booked until 1. But they literally kicked us out. They didnt even allow us to eat on the terrace outside. This manager arrogantly took the kids' table out with the pizza on top of it while they were eating and forced the kids to eat on a bench in the parking, while the terrace was empty and inside was at less than 50% occupancy. Not happy the manager called a couple of waiters to force us to leave, the kids were terrified and started crying. I went inside to order some drinks but apparently the manager had instructed the bar not to give us any drinks. 3 Pizza for 4 kids (out of 15 people)… such a weird behaviour, scaring 11 years old kids. I leave you to judge if this is a place worth visiting.

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Pearl Harbor Bar & Bowling

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Pearl Harbor Bar & Bowling

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